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FD190 Kraft paper bag making machine with thumb button

Product Introduction


YAST-FD190  automatic square bottom paper bag machine use paper roll in blank or printed as raw material, consists of automatic centre forward glue, printing tracking, fixed length and cutting, bottom indentation, folding bottom, bottom glue. Bag bottom forming, finished bag collecting one time, The machine is more convenient, more efficient, more stable, can produce a variety of different paper bags, leisure food bags, bread bags, dried fruit bags and so on environmentally friendly paper bag machine equipment.

The whole machine is controlled by computer central control system, touch screen display, servo motor control paper bag length, can produce multiple specifications of paper bag.



Product Parameter (specification)




Cutting length


paper bag width


paper bottom width


paper thickness


Machine speed


Production speed 


paper roll width


Roll paper diameter


Inner diameter of paper


Machine power

380V 3Phase 4 lines 11.5kw

Machine weight


Machine size




Product feature and application


1.Use France Schneider Touch Screen Human-Computer interface, operate and control easily.

2.Adopt Germany Original REXROTH PC Control, Integrated with optical fiber, ensure high speed running steadily.

3.Germany Original REXROTH SERVO MOTOR and Germany Original SICK PHOTOELECTRIC Correction, tracking printing bag accurately.

4.Raw material load adopt hydraulic pressure up and down structure, unwinding adopt auto tension control.

5.Raw material unwinding EPC adopt Italy SELECTRA, reduce adjustment time.



Machine details


Rolling inflatable shaft: easy to use, adopt automatic Hydraulic cylinder, make it automatic to load the roll up and down, just by pressing the button to start the cylinder. Help you out of any carry job.



The paper tube forming adopts an integrated tube forming adjustment structure, which can be adjusted in one or two directions. The adjustment is simple, convenient, fast, and stable.



The cutting traction adopts the German REXROTH servo motor to control and adjust the paper bag size.The cutting adopts a high-speed uniform rotating cutter to cut through a serrated knife or a flat knife. The appearance of the paper bag cut is smooth and beautiful.



The bottom of the bag is folded and formed, and the bag is pressed flat through the hub wheel, so that the bag is more convenient for storage and sorting,automatic bottom gluing.



The automatic counting function can be set, and the counting is accurate.Reach the set number will naturally be higher than the other bag prompts you.



Shipping package




Pre-sale one-stop service


1.Inquiry and consulting support.

2.The latest industry trends.

3.More fit  bag making solution.

4.Sample testing support.

5.View our factory.

6.Suggest layout support.



Many to one after-sales service.


1.Global online service.

2.Engineer regular return visit service.

3.Independent service department with 40 senior engineer.

4.One year warranty.

5.Machine test video before delivery.

6.English manual , electric diagram.

7.Training how to install and running the machine.

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