Professional manufacture of paper bag machine ,
flexo printing machine and paper cup machine.

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About us

  • 2006

    Establishment Time

  • 20000

    Factory Square

  • 60+

    Exporting Country

  • Obtain certification

Ruian Yasite Machinery Co., Ltd

Innovation is our power, since the YAST company since its establishment, the customers all over the world have trusted us, inspire us technology innovation thought, promote the continuous development of PAPER BAG industry, through our highly qualified staff, and trustworthy business partners together, our success will be the most advanced technology together. Develop the perfect bag-making solution.

Our research and development team will be advanced concepts into practice, and successfully applied to the relevant equipment, excellent product quality and performance from our long-term continuous testing and improvement. All our products are above the standard of the relevant industry.

Our advantage is:

  • That our products are being assembled on the production line at a rate of more than 20 units per month and sold all over the world, and this rate is increasing all the time.
  • Our production personnel are trained in the latest production count. Advanced equipment and strict quality control standards are adopted in the production process. Fine design and accurate testing produce the most reliable products.
  • Choosing innovation in persistence, seeking happiness in innovation, and breaking through ourselves in happiness, our machines have become a part of our lives.
  • on the field of future environmental packaging, we are based on superior competitive products, innovative environmental production solutions, and close partnership to create value and unlimited possibilities for customers.