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Common problems and solutions of Flat Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

2023-03-17 03:24

Site Editor

Operation steps of flat bottom paper bag making machine

(1) Preparations before start-up

① Check whether there is dust or dirt around the equipment and remove them.

②Prepare film rolls according to the regulations in the manufacturing notice.

③Adjust the specifications of the bag according to the manufacturing notice and process documents, install the heat-sealing knife, and basically adjust ④The part of the cutting knife and the heat-sealing knife.

JD400C Flat bottom paper bag making machine

⑤ Turn on the switching power supply, and set the temperature of the heat-sealing knife according to the regulations in the process documents.

⑥Enter the relevant data information of bag making and the required quantity of each bundle.

⑦Choose the edge of a pattern with a large color cast and adjust the sensitivity of the light eye up and down to make it meet the requirements.

(2) start

①Start the main motor, run in low gear, and then adjust the edge control to divide the film in half in the middle.

②Adjust the left and right nip rollers to align the two ends of the upper and lower film, and adjust the front, rear, left and right nip rollers to align the pattern design.

③Adjust the heat-sealing knife so that it is heat-sealed within the specified range of the bag.

④Adjust the splitting head to the required position, and adjust the opening position to the scissors opening.

⑤Basically adjust the speed of the machine, take a flat-out sample bag, and carry out the initial inspection.

⑥During the processing, observe any abnormalities in the bag-making status anytime and anywhere, and adjust them in time.

(3) shutdown

Turn off the main power switch of the main power supply, and then turn off the main power switch of each position.

1. What should I do if the cold cutting of the straight machine continues

When the cold cutting knife of the straight-cut machine keeps cutting, check whether the cutting knife is sharp and whether it needs to be sharpened again; check whether the balance of the left and right knives is appropriate. The slider of the knife guide rail has been used for a long time and there are gaps when worn It will cause the knife to become unbalanced.

2. What should I do if the straight mouth machine cuts three or several strips, and the specifications of the packaging bags are different?

Put a layer on the glue stick behind the thin film, so that it can be evenly matched with other materials.

3. The spring of the straight mouth machine is broken, what is the reason?

If the self-adhesive strip is not attached in time, if it is lifted and caught in the spring, the spring will break. In actual operation, the self-adhesive strip must be attached. There is also a reason that the material is not neat or stuffed into the glue stick, causing the spring to break unsatisfactorily.

4. What should I do if there is a large difference between the two sides of the flat bottom paper bag machine?

It is necessary to adjust the aluminum rollers so that they can be pressed on both sides of the hemming, so that this kind of situation will be avoided.

5. What is the reason why the self-adhesive strips cut by the side sealer often stick to the conveyor belt?

If the self-adhesive strip is shifted and stuck to the conveyor belt, the self-adhesive position of the edge correcting machine behind must be adjusted well, and the edge correcting color mark sensor must be placed in the self-adhesive position to correct the edge to avoid displacement.

6. What’s the matter with the burrs on the cutting edge of OPP or the rotten edge of the explosion-proof type?

The hot knife and suction arm are not properly adjusted. The normal situation is that the hot knife cuts off by 2 cm, and the suction arm sends the material.

7. What should I do if the finished products cut out by the side sealing machine are of different lengths?

The compression spring is not clamped, causing the rubber stick to deviate, or the hair straightening plate at the back is too tight, so it must be adjusted to fit.

8. What should I do if the straight machine is blocked by material in front of the cold cutting knife?

This kind of situation should be caused by the packaging bag being too strong over the electronic components. Use a rubber band to attach a small waste cardboard box to the screw on the main beam of the knife, and cut out the strap to hold down the outgoing packaging bag at the same time.

9. The feeding and unwinding of the blow molding machine is uneven in thickness, what should I do if one side is thin

The electronics holder must be wrapped around the thin side to fit already.

10. What should I do if the feeding of packaging and printing bags is not smooth, and the color sensor is insufficient and sensitive?

First check whether the color mark sensor is properly used. The color mark sensor should pay attention to the sensitive response of the color. If the packaging bag is pure color, use dark blue, heavy color use red, and red can be used for solid color and heavy color. The roller under the electric eye of the edge correcting machine should be sprayed black. If the color of the bag is single and heavy, it is better to use a white background.

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